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ADHD Assessment

What is ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) affects around 5% of people globally but not everyone will experience ADHD in the same way. Often people misunderstand and associate ADHD with negative behaviour although some people with ADHD can be restless and show impulsivity whereas others may have difficulty in focusing.

If your child has ADHD their ability to communicate, concentrate and sit still could be affected leading to issues both in educational settings and the home environment. 

These challenges with the correct support and treatment can be managed. A combination of genetic, biological, and environmental factors can lead to ADHD. Research over the years has proven that boys are often diagnosed with ADHD earlier in life than girls. It is suggested that this can perhaps be the symptoms of ADHD due to being more subtle in girls.

Key signs of ADHD

ADHD in children and adolescents can be categorised into 2 main categories,

  1. Inattentiveness- Short attention Span, Forgetful, easily distracted, Not able to complete Minor Tasks
  2. Hyperactivity & Impulsiveness- Not able to sit still, Fidgeting, Poor concentration, Moving or Talking excessively, Unable to Risk Assess.

What is ADHD Assessment?

We aim to make this process as simple as process and a dedicated clinician will be allocated throughout your journey at Minds Matter Clinic. Our overall goal is to ensure that you receive results within a few weeks and prevent long waiting lists for appointments. Here at Minds Matter Clinic, we offer appointments 7 days a week between 8am-8pm. Our experienced clinicians will carry out your child’s assessments either face to face or using our digital platform. At times families can be reluctant for virtual appointments however many young children have felt comfortable within their home settings and has helped clinicians get more of a accurate view of how a child/young person may typically behave. It also can prevent the stress of travelling and spending time in a unfamiliar place. The assessments both face-to-face and virtually are conducted in the same manner.

 The assessment involves:

  • Completing questionnaires
  • Assessment appointment.

Completing Questionnaires

We will ask families and young children (depending on their age) to complete online questionnaires which have been recommended by national health car guidelines to get a better understanding of your child’s needs. With consent we will ask your child’s educational lead to fill in school/college questionnaires.

Assessment Appointment
Our highly specialist ADHD Consultants will meet the family/ young adolescents to discuss the ADHD Assessment and gain a insight into any questions you may have. Within the assessment our clinicians will offer to spend individual time with the child/ Young Adolescent, the parent/guardian and then together to help identify where they might need extra support and how their challenges impacts day to day life. Information relating to your child’s developmental history and educational development will be taken from the parent/guardian. Throughout the assessment our Consultant Psychiatrist will be looking out for symptoms of ADHD or any other Neurodevelopmental conditions or mental health your child may have.
Receiving the outcome and discussing next steps

Once the assessment has been completed our team will have a multi-disciplinary meeting to discuss their findings and decide on the outcome of the assessment. A report will be created to evidence to whether a diagnostic criteria has been met or not. The outcome will be accredited by a Consultant Psychiatrist. We will then arrange for a feedback session to talk through the findings discuss next steps and answer any questions you might have.


Your child’s bespoke treatment plan will be carefully designed to address their unique needs and challenges, we hope to provide affective treatment minimal disruption and support for the whole family. At Minds Matter Clinic we will provide advice regarding medication options which are available to your child and if medication is considered with therapeutic interventions we are able to titrate the medication and transfer to the care of your primary service holder as we hold a Shared Care Agreement with all GP’s nationally.