Caring for Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Minds Matter Clinic provides a holistic and person centred approach in supporting the mental wellbeing of children, young people and their families. Our professional and knowledgeable team of therapists and psychiatrists aim to work in partnership with you to find the best options for long-term mental health support and happiness for your child.

As part of our service we offer:

A complimentary 30-minute consultation to better understand your needs and concerns.

Bespoke service implementing national healthcare guidelines.

Fast track waiting times for diagnosis and treatment.

Accredited and nationally recognised treatment plans and reports.

Direct contact with industry-leading mental health professionals

Specialising in child and adolescent welfare

Minds Matter Referral Process

We know two children or young people are not the same. We tailor all our services around each individual to ensure they receive comprehensive person-centred care.


Step 1

Once you have completed our referral form one of our team members will contact you to discuss the referral and offer a 30-minute free consultation. We will work with you and your child to gain a better understanding of what they have been struggling with and to help identify if there are any mental health challenges. Within this consultation, we will discuss the Costs/Payments plans that we offer at Minds Matter Clinic.


Step 2

Once you are happy with the individual assessment and care package. We will request that you to make the initial deposit. Using our gold standard assessment tools and following national healthcare guidelines we will send all relevant forms and screening tools to you and School.


Step 3

We will offer both Face to Face appointments and Virtual Appointments making it easier to attend if your child feels anxious about meeting new people, have sensory sensitivities, or feel more comfortable at home.


Step 4

Once all assessments have been completed, we will create a report which will evidence the findings and outcomes of the assessments. The report with consent will be sent to the Child’s GP and School. We will also offer a follow-up appointment to discuss treatment plans following national healthcare guidelines and recommendations.


Step 5

Here at Minds Matter Clinic, we hold a Shared Care Agreement with all GPs Nationally and therefore your child’s care can be transferred back to your GP.

What is a Shared Care Agreement?

A Shared Care Agreement is a specific approach which enables families and young children to receive care in a integrated and convenient manner. Once medication has been titrated and both the clinician and family are happy with the therapeutic dose, a transfer of clinically responsibility from our specialist service to your general practice is supported by a shared care agreement. Within the shared care agreement our consultant will discuss with your primary acre service how often your child medication should be reviewed, what monitoring will need to take place and also what actions should be taken in the event of difficulties.